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kathy k 08-08-2009 08:06 AM

Tiling concrete outdoor table
A couple of years ago, I poured an outdoor concrete table, which I have wanted to tile. I saw one at a nearby garden center that I fell in love with and started to make my own because the garden center wanted $1,000 for theirs. I put off the tiling for two reasons: one, I am a ceramic artist and wanted to make my own tile, but couln't decide if any of the ceramic used would hold up to freezing and thawing here in WI., and two, the commerial glass tiles are expensive. However, I found slate tiles at a Big Box store for $1.29 sq. ft. that might work. I have investigated the thin set mortar and additives and seem to have found a polmer based, Mapei, that would flex. I have done a lot of tiling indoors and can use a tile saw. Does slate cut with a tile saw the same as ceramic? Any suggestions. Kathy K

stadry 08-09-2009 06:49 AM

i'd bet that's the only way you can cut that tile which i'll also bet is from india,,, having some experience w/the mtl installed on conc steps, it has little flexural strength & will eventually pop off as wtr enters the grout lines, collects, & eventually freez's,,, however, it is cheap & does have a certain attractiveness to many,,, good luck ! ! !

slate, as you may know, is layer'd mud & forms due to yrs of compressive forces,,, its quarried & the blocks're cleav'd w/wedges into thin sheets - GREAT for a roof ! ! !

the $ 1,000 also included the artist's fee :laughing: shame on you for cheating & stealing another colleagues work :thumbup: nice to save $, isn't it ? ? ?

ps - slate cuts either wet or dry

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