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Biljo99 03-21-2006 01:01 AM

Thermal Plasterboard
I wish to put Gyproc Thermalite SUPER on to an inside wall. This is an old, oak framed house with studded walls. The plasterboard has to go between the studs, in pieces about 45mm wide.

Two Questions !

What is the best tool for cutting Thermalite board of this type ?

Can I use adhesive to mount the board on to the wall, eg 'Gripfix' ?

Best wishes

MgMopar 02-26-2007 07:25 AM

Thermalite seems to be a concrete block product so :o
I am assuming you meant Gyproc ThermaLine SUPER

This appears from the data sheet to work like a typical wall board so I would think you could score and bend/crack your straight cuts and use whatever drywall saw you chose for curves and such. Yes, you can use a adhesive however I have always found it is simpler to use screws or somthing to fasten wallboard even with the use of adhesive so it is fastened until drying.

Not being from the UK I have not worked with your specific products. My info is based on what I read in the data sheet.:)

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