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The RyeGuy 09-22-2006 09:33 PM

Thank you Hammerslammer...And others please verify
Here are some pics I took of the door install that happenend the other day...They are coming back to look at the air leak problem on Monday...From the pictures on the website, is there anything you guys would advise me telling them?.....It doesn't look right to me but I'd like to consult some others before spouting my mouth to the so called "professionals" when they show up....Anyways, any advice would be appreciated....Here is the website with the pics...

K2eoj 09-22-2006 09:45 PM

Oh i missed the air leak. The sill looks simple. 20 min should take care of that. It needs to be supported well. There will be alot of traffic there.

Doors you just kind of wiggle them till they are right and then nail/screw/shim the crap out of them. Thats not the correct explaination but if you got air comming through something didn't get wiggled right.

The RyeGuy 09-22-2006 09:52 PM

Thanks Hammer, I think I know it can be fixed but I paid for this to be installed...I didn't do it it your opinion that the sill is the wrong size?.....This door was supposed to be installed on July.27 and they have miss measured and screwed up a bunch of times...I don't want to let them off the hook by just putting a board underneath......In any case, when I put a storm door on there, the sill will still poke out a couple of inches from there......I think the air part is because when you step on the sill it moves (2 inches of it not being supported) and this affects the bottom part of the door which is where we could see sunlight...

I guess my question would be why did they make the sill so big in the first place? When I looked over the quote it said this..

Sill length: 7 13/16 ( for a 6 9/16 jam)

My jam is 5 1/14 but they made the sill 7 13/16 anyways.....

It seems to me that they screwed up on the sill length...if you subract 7 13/16 - 5 1/4 you get the exact distance that the sill is sticking out from the moldings.....Does this make any sense?

K2eoj 09-22-2006 10:42 PM

Every sill needs to be supported. Your sill sticks our a little more than I am used to, (an inch??), But it looks good to me. I would have the guys support it with some material you are happy with then walk on it 20 or 30 times and make sure your happy with it and then forget about it for a hundred years.

Every sill situation in an existing house is different. The less experienced guys just don't know what to do unless you tell them.

The RyeGuy 09-22-2006 11:04 PM

Thanks Hammer again! you say they were out an inch...This is what I thought as well...But as I said, do you think they just didn't cut down the sill properly? As I said

Sill length: 7 13/16 ( for a 6 9/16 jam)

My jam is 5 1/14 but they made the sill 7 13/16 anyways..

Regardless, I have not seen any doors around my neighborhood that have almost 2 inches of sill sticking out of their storm door..( I don't have a storm right now but if i did)

We actually ordered this door from HD in June, it supposed to be installed on July.27 but they sent the completly wrong door so we had to wait another 2 months and then they put it off a few more times....So you can see why I might be a bit PO'd at the little things...

I guess what I'm looking for is some verification that someone screwed up on the door (based on the numbers I have).....They took measurements of everything so I can't see why they would have the sill hanging out 1.5 inches....

K2eoj 09-22-2006 11:35 PM

Ok, I think I get it. Your 5 -1/4 jamb was special order but the sills are made for a 4- 9/16 or a 6-9/16 jamb which would be standard. Soo they put the wider sill on your custom jamb. I don't think they would make a custom sill to fit your door.

I would have done your job with a 4-9/16 jamb and modified on the job.

If it was my house I'd let the guys support the sill and forget about it.

If i started listing my complaints about hd I'd be typing for a couple of days. This one doesn't sound too bad in my opinion.

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