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McSweny1103 02-12-2012 10:20 AM

Sump Pump Basin install, existing rough sump hole.
This might be int he wrong place and if it is I am sorry.

I have a 50 year old Chicago Bungaloo with a partially finished basement. I was looking at the Sump pump in the Laundry room, I need to make some piping corrections since come of the PVC fittings are leaking.

I noticed that the previous owner just covered the hole with some hand sawed 3/4in plywood he cut in half and made an opening for the discharge pipe. The sump pump hole itseld is just the rough opening concrete. I wanted to clean this up with a proper cover since I am noticing some increased bug action from this hole, plus my 10 month old daughter is a bit of a concern around this as well.

My question. Can I pull the old sump pump up, drop a sump pump basin in the existing hole, reinstall the sump and plumb it back up with a matching cover for the basin?

I know that I will have to make sure the drain tile properly discharges in to the basin, and I may have to fill around the basin in the event it won't be a clean fit. But is dropping it in as easy as it is?

oh'mike 02-12-2012 02:05 PM

Yes---It's just a glorified plastic bucket-----You will need to make sure the opening in the floor is bigger than the bucket---If there is a perimeter drain that will need to enter the bucket--

That's an old house---the original pit may just be there to relieve ground water and have no pipes entering it---If that is the case you will need to perforate that new bucket---slits cut with a circular saw are better than drilled holes----less gravel and dirt will enter through an 1/8" slit--

After positioning new pit---fill voids with pea gravel---then finish by adding concrete into opening around the pit.

joecaption 02-12-2012 02:13 PM

A picture would be helpful.
There's also going to have to be a check valve on the line near the pump to stop the water from running back down the pipe when the pump shuts off.
Never step the pipe size down from the pump size. If it's 1-1-/4 then use all 1-1/4 PVC.

McSweny1103 02-12-2012 02:45 PM

I will get a picture a little later, pulling solo daddy duty with a 10 month old. I know that there is a tile and a floor drain that both lead into the rough pit. I was shopping at Menards after I posted the original question and I found a sump pit drop in that is smaller then my pit. I will do some more research and get that pic up here before I start working on this project.

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