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rayfogleman 05-28-2010 02:27 PM

what type of material to replace sub flooring on a 24X60 mobile home ? the current material seem to be pressed wood of some type that is about 5/8" thick

hello im trying to get you response

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nap 05-28-2010 03:03 PM

it is probably 5/8'' particle board. Some folks will use OSB. Personally, I prefer plywood. Whatever you use, it needs to be exterior grade to resist moisture.

Wildie 05-28-2010 11:23 PM

Cut the damaged section out with a jig-saw. Cut two pieces of 1X3 wood, 3" longer than than the opening is wide.
Slip the 1X3's into the underside of the opening and screw them in place with deck screws. (drill pilot holes)
Make a replacement patch from some plywood, using the section that you cut out, as a pattern.
Caulk the patch around the perimeter and drop it into the opening.
Using deck screws, screw the patch onto the 1X3's.
It would be a good idea to glue everything before screwing the pieces together.

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