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agrace 08-01-2008 01:30 PM

Stucco over ICF
What can you tell me about stucco over ICF construction? I would like to stucco for low maintainance. I know they have tabs on the outside going into the concrete. Is this a good way to go? How thick should the stucco be so that it both adheres well yet doesn't crack or break anywhere.
Would this be better to use Hardie board? Had vinyl in Florida once--it actually warpped from the hot sun (possible bad installation) not going there again.


Chris Johnson 08-01-2008 07:09 PM

Stucco works fine over ICF, your choices are Acrylic (commonly referred to as EIFS) or conventional 3 coat

Acrylic the installer will rough the surface, spread the basecoat, embed the fibremesh smooth and add more basecoat as needed. Once complete and dry he will add the finish coat/texture/color

On 3 part, they will paper the wall, wiremesh it, brown coat, 2nd coat, top coat

3 part seems like more work but is cheaper!! Don't ask me why.

Acrylic is pretty much sealed, waterproof, 3 part can absorb moisture.

Don't forget to PROPERLY caulk the windows/doors/openings/penetrations once completed, of all the issues with stucco this is the #1 cause of failure

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