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efaxsteph 12-24-2007 01:35 AM

stucco finish coat
I am in the process of stuccoing a cinder block retaining wall. I'm using premixed stucco for both the base and finish coats. I applied the base coat first and scratched it. Then instead of applying a second layer of base coat, I applied a layer of finish stucco for the second coat--hoping to get away with only having to do two total coats. However, this second coat doesn't look right--in several spots, it looks like it's rippled. Even though I applied the finish coat pretty thick (about 1/3"), I'm assuming I got a ripple effect because this coat still wasn't sufficient to cover the scratches underneath. My question is, is there a problem with applying another (third) coat of finish stucco over the second coat of finish stucco? Or can you only apply finish stucco over base stucco?

Tscarborough 12-24-2007 05:40 AM

No problem at all.

efaxsteph 03-24-2008 06:23 PM

stucco cracks
I finished this stucco project in January 2008, putting on three layers--1 brown, 2 finish, over uneven cinder block (i.e. the rough side of the block). The total thickness probably ended up at 1.5 inches in some places, since the surface of the block was so uneven. Now when the wall is wet, the first of the cracks are starting to appear underneath (though few have made it through the final surface coat yet). Are there any photos out there on the web that show what "normal" cracking looks like, so I can tell if I did all of this correctly?

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