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Gatorback 10-18-2008 09:34 AM

Stucco contractor cut up all my Tyvek! What to do?
Based on my understanding that stucco will stick to building paper thereby transferring moisture through to the underlying OSB, I carefully wrapped and sealed my house with Tyvek, with peel&stick flashing around the windows. The stucco contractor was to add a layer of 60 minute building paper and lath, which he has done.
While repairing an unrelated item, I discovered that the contractor sliced open the Tyvek horizontally around the house about 4' off the ground so that he could, "Find the studs". He then just covered up the sliced tyvek with his one wrap of building paper.
Is this at all acceptable, or should I insist that the lath be removed and a second layer of paper be installed? Or remove it all and repair the Tyvek?
Thanks for any advice,

Marvin Gardens 10-18-2008 10:17 AM

I wouldn't worry about it. These guys know what they are doing for the most part (there are exceptions of course).

The additional building paper is also a good wind barrier and will allow moisture to migrate through it.

stuccoman 10-18-2008 10:31 AM

What did you do at the sills of your windows and doors to allow the 2 layers to be properly lapped.

Why didn't you mark the studs?

Yes it could cause a problem.

Why did you use tyvek?

What is the layer of moisture barrier he installed?

15# felt
30# felt

Gatorback 10-18-2008 12:06 PM

Thank you both for the replies.
Marvin Ė I am worried because it is my understanding that Tyek is designed to pass water vapor (which is good). The water vapor from inside the house goes through the Tyvek, then condenses on the outer surface and runs down and out the weep screed. My fear is that the horizontal cuts made by the stucco contractor will allow that water to migrate to the OSB (which is bad).
Also, as I understand it, stucco will stick to the first layer of building paper, thereby allowing water to pass through from the outside to the inside (sort of like being inside a tent on a wet day. No water permeates until you touch the inside surface of the tent. Then your hand gets wet).
Stuccoman Ė I used 9Ē wide strips of Peel & Stick flashing around the doors and windows. I first cut a flap in the Tyvek above the opening, which I held up with tape. I then placed a strip of the P&S along the bottom of the window opening. Then I caulked and screwed the window into place so that the bottom nailing fin overlapped the P&S. Once the window/door was installed, I added side strips of P&S, then a top strip of P&S. I then folded down the flap of Tyvek to cover the top strip of P&S, and then taped the flap with Tyvek tape. The stucco contractor then slit the Tyvek just under my bottom strip of P&S so that he could insert his bulding paper under the P&S and Tyvek. He only did this under the windows.
I didnít mark the studs because I didnít know that I should, and because he didnít ask me to. I would have been happy to do it if heíd asked.
I used Tyvek because I framed the house last winter, and I wanted something to protect the siding from the last few rains of the season. I also liked the idea of having a drainage plane between the two dissimilar materials (building paper and Tyvek). I spoke to the regional Tyvek rep, who said that my plan was a good one. By the way, Iím building on the central coast of California. My house site is windy, with rain often coming in horizontally.
The stucco contractor installed a paper that is labeled ď60 MinuteĒ. Iím not at the site now, so I donít have any further info on it. Iíll check today.
Am I incorrect in my thinking regarding the potential for water damage from both interior water vapor and exterior water intrusion? If I am correct, is there a fix other than removing all the paper and lath that has thus far been installed (approx 50% of the house)?
Thanks again,

stuccoman 10-18-2008 10:04 PM

Did you tape all the horizontal joints on the tyvek as per duponts specs, ?

60 minute jumbo tex paper.

Termite 10-18-2008 10:40 PM

No, it is not ok to cut the tyvek horizontally and not tape the cut with tyvek tape. Did you need the tyvek? Probably not. Is it beneficial? Yes, in most cases. The stucco contractor completely negated the effectiveness of your tyvek by cutting it and not properly taping the cut.

Gatorback 10-19-2008 12:41 PM

Stuccoman - I used the long rolls of Tyvek, so one pass covered the side of the house from soffit to slab. I did overlap and tape all vertical joints and tape all penetrations with Tyvek tape. Per your earlier question, the building paper installed by the stucco contractor on top of the sliced Tyvek is one layer of 60 minute Grade D.
Termite - I agree that the Tyvek is toast.

Does everyone agree that one layer of building paper is inadequate to provide a drainage plane, especially since moisture will likely condense on the outside of the Tyvek and then trickle down through the horizontal cut onto the OSB?

Thanks once again for all the input,


stuccoman 10-19-2008 01:09 PM

Yes. I agree.

When it fails your homeowners insurance company will not pay off because of improperly installed materials.

Is your stucco going to painted or have an acrylic finish or have the color mixed in?

Bottom line is

It needs to be repaired the stucco contractor messed it up he should eat the cost.

Makes a person wonder what the stucco contractor has done to houses in the past.

Gatorback 10-19-2008 10:05 PM

The insurance point is an excellent one, and one that I hadn't considered. Thanks for pointing it out.
Based on the contractor's recommendation, I am planning on an acrylic finish. The color will be a dark earth tone. Should I reconsider using acrylic?

stuccoman 10-20-2008 05:43 AM

Now for the proper installation there needs to be the 6 " overlap in both directions as per tyveks specs. It is not as simple as just taping the joint.

As for the finish anything other than having the color mixed into the finish coat retards the drying out of the stucco when water does get behind it.

Could this also be true with moisture trying to get out from the inside?

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