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auntsue 08-07-2012 10:49 PM

Storm Door installation issue - what to do?
I bought a Larson storm door 36" wide that says it fits a space 80" to 81" tall. I had a handyman do the installation. It turns out that my actual opening was 81.5". There is now a .5" gap at the bottom of the door. The extender and sweep are lowered as much as possible - just catching the metal at the bottom of the door. Handyman wants to build up the threshold to fill the gap. I wonder if that is going to cause a tripping problem or look shoddy. Should the door be taken off and a board installed at the top of the opening to reduce the opening to the shorter size? That would mean undoing and redoing the install of the storm door and frame.

Also, is it proper to need the extender lowered to the very edge of the bottom of the door? The attachment screws have just caught the metal of the door. I thought the extender and sweep were to make slight adjustments to height and level, not to fill a good section of the opening.
And what about all the open space inside the extender? Seems like it should be insulated inside if it hangs that low and doesn't hug the bottom of the door more closely.

I couldn't get a custom door because we are way down in value on the house and I just wanted a nicer door that the beat up old storm door that was there. I should have left well enough alone...

Desperately seeking advice

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