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NateHanson 01-20-2008 04:40 PM

Spiral staircase questions
Our third floor is sort of a tower room. 18x24' and we use it as a sort of romper/TV room. It was built with a sort of loft-ladder for access. It's a ladder made with normal 5/4" oak stair treads but set in stringers on either side at the pitch of an extension ladder.

We're thinking of adding some amenities to the room, like a gas fireplace, coffee bar, more couches, big TV, etc, and it would be nice to have a little easier access.

I wonder if we've got the space for a small spiral staircase. The total rise is 9'3". The opening through the ceiling is 42"x46".

Does anyone have an idea whether a spiral staircase would fit in that space? And whether it would be so steep as to be no improvement over the ladder?

Any idea of sources for kits or finished staircases?

Thanks, Nate

Bondo 01-20-2008 05:12 PM


Are you thinking a Full sprial, a half, a quarter turn,..??....

Do you plan on moving all that furniture up thru the same Hole,..??....

What about lost floor space on the lower floor,..??.....

NateHanson 01-20-2008 06:15 PM

Yeah, all the furniture goes through the hole. :) Movers had to take an exercise bike, desk, couple bookcases, TV, couch, couple chairs up through that hole. :) We'd put this spiral in last. After doing any work up there. Much easier access for big stuff with the ladder.

Online tools seem to suggest that we'd have about a 3/4 turn spiral. Floor space below is possibly an issue, as it's in a corner of the 2nd floor hallway. I think by orienting the spiral the right way we could minimize any traffic issues caused by the spiral. I think the main question is, what's a 40" spiral feel like to walk up and down. It seems that's 18" of tread width, and I wonder if that's enough to be practical, or whether we'll just wish we still had the old ladder.

gregzoll 01-20-2008 08:49 PM

Figure at the min. a 3x3 area in the corner. If a larger unit, you could be talking at least a 5x5 area.

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