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West4141 02-26-2009 09:42 PM

Sound proofing ceiling
Impact noise is my problem. I live in the bottom floor of a multiple level condo with all wood floors. All night long I hear nothing but thump thump thump from his heals against the floor above. I know I am gong to use multi layers of drywall and Green glue or Quite rock along with a drop ceiling with sound clips but i do not know what to put in the ceiling itself. I would think spray foam would work but some people say it would be useless. what is the deal, it has to be better then nothing. Price is not an issue, I just want to be able to sleep at night.

thanks for your help, steve.

Termite 02-26-2009 10:25 PM

I'd look at sound attenuation batts. Not a home center item but a good contractor supply place should have them. That'll be more effective than spray foam.

Also, resilient channel/hat channel is a must if you want this to be effective. That'll reduce the solid contact between the ceiling rock and the floor joists, which is how sound is transmitted through a floor or wall.

Garasaki 02-27-2009 02:50 PM

Your goal here really needs to be preventing the travel of vibration from the floor above to your space.

Having said that, any resulting empty space above the ceiling will almost act like an amplifier. I have heard some convincing arguements that stray foam does an excellent job of modifying to echo properties and keeping noise transmission very low in a situation like this.

My opinion - I think your money is better spent addressing vibration isolation, then buying the cheapest insulation you can to throw up there just so the void space is not empty and there is something to keep noise from reflecting around in the void space (the space between the subfloor and your ceiling).

Brik 02-27-2009 04:53 PM

I just did a podcast on this subject

to sum up - you will need mass (double drywall) and decoupling (resilient channels). It would also help a lot if they upstairs neighbor put in a carpet! Also, if you share forced air heat or AC you could have a path for sound in the ductwork. Also, any ceiling electrical boxes should be caulked. Insulation will help too. No need for spray foam from my understanding, regular batts are fine. There is some question as to how good special drywall, special insulation, special paint, special glue, etc is. yes, minimize nails/screws and gluing drywall helps but many say plain ole construction adhesive is just fine.

bjbatlanta 02-28-2009 01:26 PM

Good luck getting the upstairs neighbor to install carpet....... Sound can even transfer through the fasteners you use. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in the special glues and stuff (won't hurt if "price is no object", though) but you'll definitely need to use the resilient channel and I'd say sound attenuation blankets for your insulation. Two layers of drywall is better than one.

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