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nsanto17 12-27-2010 07:24 PM

Sound Isolation Clips (worth the money)
I am getting ready to put up the sheet rock in my basement and i have to fur out the cieling joists about 1" because of some piping. I am going to be putting some insulation between the joists to help deaden the sound from up above. I found the Sound Isolation Clips. Are they worth the money. They cost about $4.50 per clip plus the cost of the alluiminum furing strip. Since my basement is rather large the Sound Isolation Clips will cost a lot compared to wooden furing strips.

My question is... Are they worth the money?? I am looking to make it sound proof but would like to dampen the sound down a little.

The cost difference is huge... I know the Sound Clips will help dampen the sound more then wooden furing strips buthow much... From what i can read you need a gap between the Sub-Floor above and the insulation and then a gap between the insulation and sheet rock.

Thanks in advance...


Just Bill 12-28-2010 06:31 AM

Not sure what they are, but my guess would be they do not as much quiet as the add cost. Consider Roxul insulation, better than standard fiberglass insulation for deadening sound travel.

Nucon 12-28-2010 06:43 AM

Wood furring strips will not isolate the drywall from the joists.

Look into Resilient Channels (RC1 or RC2) by Deitrich. It will acheive an STC 61 rating which should be more than enough in your application.

nsanto17 12-28-2010 09:19 AM

If I do the resilient channels do I need to put insulation up?

bjbatlanta 12-28-2010 12:59 PM

Yes, you will need insulation...

Nucon 12-29-2010 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by nsanto17 (Post 557933)
If I do the resilient channels do I need to put insulation up?

Yes, and make sure you keep the insulation from sagging on the gypsum board. The gap created by the RC1 seperating gyp board from the substrate (joists) and insualtion is critical to the proper STC rating.

rubberduck 12-31-2010 09:48 AM

What would be the expected performance of a ceiling built by:
1) filling the area between between joists with insulation (such as standard fiberglass)
2) applying drywall on top of the #1 (somehow) so that the ends of the joists are exposed

DrHicks 12-31-2010 10:22 AM

Just how sound proof are you wanting it to be?

I just finished our basement last year. I put no insulation between the joists. Nothing. Just drywalled over them. I even used can lights, which means there are openings in the ceiling drywall.

My basement is not soundproof, but it's pretty quiet. Very little noise between floors. This might be due to it being an older house, with pretty massive joists, and oak floor on the main level. Even so...

Unless there is some reason you want to totally soundproof your basement (recording studio, etc.), I would think that rolls of fiberglass insulation would go a long ways toward a very satisfactory finished product.

Just my 2 cents' worth.

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