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joeyboy 06-24-2007 03:08 PM

Some 'why', not 'how', questions on stucco usage
I've got some more general masonry/stucco questions....

Everythign you read, from forums to portland cement association's guide, is very specific about the thickness for base coats and finish coats. Why is this important?

I don't get why base coat needs to be thick, and finish coat needs to be thin. And why is it 2 coats on blocks, 3 coats on lathe?

Why can't I do 5 coats on lathe?(or block) Does it make a worse product than only 2 or 3 coats? Or is it just wasteful? (for instance, I have an awning on the front of my house, and the two columns supporting it are these old school swirled columns. I built a faccade/veneer for them out of plywood and pressure treated lumber. I assembled these veneer boxes around the supporting columns, and fastened appropriately to the slab/ceiling (and reinforced the box so it's solid as hell). I lathed the boxes and put my base coat on. This is my only lathed stucco, rest is on block. I'm in an area that gets real strong wind, so I'd love to put like 5 coats of stucco on this so it'd be stronger, but don't know if I'd be making it more or less likely to stay crack free).

Why does the finish coat need to be thinner than the coats behind it?

Tscarborough 06-24-2007 08:04 PM

Step away from the bong.

AtlanticWBConst. 06-25-2007 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by Tscarborough (Post 50343)
Step away from the bong.

ha, are soooo right :laughing: .... Are you a therapist?

Tscarborough 06-25-2007 08:09 AM

OK, it is a rainday, so I will see if I can sort out your question.

The concept of stucco is to create a surface that is strong, waterproof and somewhat inexpensive. There are several ways to achieve this end, but the one that has been determined to work best is a three coat system.

The first coat is generally the thickest, and also the roughest and most prone to cracking (because of the thickness). The second coat is thinner and serves to bring the wall into closer tolerance. The third and final coat is simply a finish, and has to be no thicker than required for the desired texture.

For stucco over CMU, the block itself can be considered to be the first coat, requiring only one coat to flush up the wall and a finish coat.

You can put as many coats on as you want, so long as you allow them time to dry a bit between.

joeyboy 06-25-2007 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by Tscarborough (Post 50343)
Step away from the bong.

Step towards yours!! :thumbsup:

haha I'm just curious is all... Nothing I can find anywhere explained the 'why's' of the appications, was just wondering why.

Tscars, thanks as always!!

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