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ttroupe 08-03-2006 08:32 PM

Smelly old chimney!
:001_unsure: Hi ! Was wondering if anyone has ever had a progressively bad MUSTY smelling chimney from summer to summer. Does not smell in the winter only when it gets real hot in the summer. My wife thinks it is bats living in there in the summer & having there young. Don't really care what it is just want the smell gone and was thinking how could I fill the chimney in . It is not in use & is capped off & shingled over . :furious: The tough guy in me just wants to fill it with cement slowly, {chimney is built into the brick outside walls of house} but worried I will make the chimney pull away from the house on the outside ,that sure would take care of the bats though!:thumbup: I just don't want to make more work & unsure what could work to fill it.?? Looked all over the internet and I am finding no answser. Other then removing & siding my home.Not ready for that I am in the middle of building a grape arbor. Interested in any suggestions.

redline 08-04-2006 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by ttroupe
It is not in use & is capped off & shingled over .

Is it capped off in the attic?
Have you covered up all holes in the chimney that the bats may have access to?
You may not be able to fill it with standard cement- it may be too heavy and push the chimney walls out.
When chimneys are relined, they use light weight cement (designed for chimneys) to reduce the risk of pushing the chimney walls out.

Have you looked up the chimney to see what is up there that may cause the smell? I may be creosote that was never cleaned out of the chimney.

ttroupe 08-04-2006 07:44 PM

The chimney is opened into the attic it is sealed off at the bottom in basement, was very old coal furnace witch we had removed & had heating comp. put a new furnace & ductwork in.I don't think the chimney was cleaned before contractor put new furnace in the updated gas heater vents out wall.Do you think I should contact someone to clean out chimney?

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