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timrec 08-24-2010 10:20 PM

Small basement room moisture ?
I am looking into buying a home. It is a bank owned home so it's been empty for some time (not sure exactly how long yet) so the heating/AC has been turned off and windows shut. The majority of the home is on a concrete slab. There is a large family room (20x15) which is attached to the home and has a block basement room underneath. The basement room has drywall on the walls and ceiling and a concrete floor. There is no drain in the floor. There are three windows which are below ground level. Two of the three windows are covered with a clear bubble like plastic cover. I noticed that there is dampness and mold growing on ceiling and walls. There were drops of water on the steps leading down to the room. I couldn't see behind the drywall to see if there were cracks in the block walls where moisture could be entering. There is a heating/AC vent in the ceiling of the room, but no cold air return.

Several thoughts came to mind:
1. I could install a dehumidifier, but there isn't a drain to connect it to. Is there another way of plumbing the water line?
2. This room wouldn't be used for anything, so maybe just tearing out the drywall and studs down to the block is sufficient.
3. Since the heating and AC has been shut off for some time and we are in the middle of summer, perhaps the moisture will clear up once the AC is turned on?

I am planning on renting the home if purchased and I need to get a handle on whether this may be a major repair. Any feedback is much appreciated.

jklingel 08-24-2010 11:11 PM

Where are you? Hot/humid place? I'd sure get a local, QUALIFIED inspector's opinion. Mold, obviously, is a very bad sign, and depending on how far it has penetrated the wall, it can be real nasty. If the moisture is from the outside, I'd find another house, as I see possible major headaches. It could be rather "expected" in your area, if it is hot/humid and the house has been buttoned up for a long time. Red flags are aflying! Good luck. j

timrec 08-25-2010 05:14 AM

I am located in central Indiana.

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