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stonesmith 05-12-2008 09:53 AM

Slurry finish over brick
I had tornado damage to my home and had to replace brick with some that didn't match the rest of the house. We have seen homes with what is called a slurry finish over the brick that look very nice. From what I understand, it is basically mortar sponged or trowelled over the surface of the brick. The outline of the brick still shows through, but not the color. I believe the slurry can be either pre-colored or painted afterward. Does anyone have any more information on how this is done? For instance, what ingredients and ratios go into the mortar and how to best apply it? Thanks.

janeannvan 08-12-2008 09:11 PM

:thumbup: I am new to this forum stuff but just posted a question on how to make an interior brick wall look old, like it is showing from behind crumbling plaster etc. Maybe this "slurry" is something I can apply over some sections of the wall to get the look I want? If anyone answers your questions I hope I can figure out how to find what they say....

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