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ddawg16 09-02-2011 02:59 PM

Sliding anchor system?
I'm building a 2-story addition to my house....

Several of the walls are braced/shear walls.....a couple of them being C & D's.

Per the drawings, the sole plate has to be 3x and use "SLIDING ANCHOR SYSTEM" with 1/2" lag bolts at 24" and 18" OC respectively screwed into 4x below.

This sole plate is sitting on top of a sub floor with 2x8 rim joist and 2x8 blocking between the floor joists. I built it this way because that is what the detail showed.....but now I'm thinking that rim joist should have been a 4x8.....

Is this correct? And....what are my options? Almost afraid to mention it to the architect because he is the one that will have to do a "Observation Report". The building inspector already bought off the sub-floor and most likely will not climb under the house to see if I have the 4x's in there.

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