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Master Brian 08-22-2010 11:29 PM

Slab under slab in 100yr old house
I have been doing some remodeling the basement of my 1915 Craftsman house. In my attempt to tie a floor drain into a sewage ejector pit, I've busted out a small area of concrete to get to the drain line. About 18" under the concrete, I seem to be finding another concrete slab. On top of this area, is a lot of brick and even what appears to be a very thin, about 3" thick, wall of conrete about 6" tall. Not really sure how to describe this and not sure any pictures would explain it.

Some of the brick, seem to be placed in a pattern of sort, some seem just tossed in. It's about 5' off where my chimney stack is, but that is re-inforced on 2 sides by cinder block half walls and the footing seems to be at that grade, which is about 4' off the ground.

Back in 1915, did they have some sort of pit inside the house? I did find an old cistern in my yard, which was covered by a conrete slab under a deck I tore out. Any ideas for this slab ~18" under my floor slab? Both appear to be original to the house and the one 18" down, seems to have a decent finish on it, so it's not just like it was extra concrete thrown down....

stadry 08-23-2010 03:59 AM

its possible the elevation was too low for whatever reason,,, anyway, those guys got paid & they're gone :laughing: nothing's changed, either - all of us still f up a job now & then so i wouldn't worry about it.

personally, i think cisterns went out of style in the mid 1800's for most of the populated areas of our country however our upstate ny 1856 home had a well inside the kitchen footprint at 1 time - go figger :huh:

( ps - cistern OR cesspool ? )

Master Brian 08-23-2010 07:35 AM

I hadn't thought about change in elevation....

cistern apparently were still used here as I have the one outside. Thought about cesspool, but didn't know if they'd have put in house and I think my old cast iron sewer line is original, but maybe not.

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