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smacman 06-22-2010 05:56 PM

Sizing Jamb Extensions
Hi Everyone,

I am replacing all windows and sliding doors in my small brick house and because I've learned a lot from this site, I wanted to ask a newbie question.

I got 5 bids and chose Marvin Infinity (windows 4" deep). I measured and remeasured and was about to order when the rep. asked me about jamb extensions? Crap!

In general, I know what they are but my house was built in 1950 and has orig wood windows with alum storm windows on the outside so the opening is pretty deep.

My questions are:

1) Can I put the extensions on the inside so the window doesn't look so sunken in from the outside? Which side is better?

2) how do I measure? From the inside drywall?

I was a little pissed because I was choosing Infinity because it's fiberglass and I wouldn't have to paint it. Now it looks like I will have to paint the jamb extensions (inside or outside).

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time on this.

kwikfishron 06-22-2010 06:18 PM

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Jamb extensions go to the inside on windows and you rip them down to fit after the install.

wamarvin 06-29-2010 10:05 AM


Where are you located? are you sure you're buying Infinity? Infinity is supposed to be sold and installed by authorised Infinity retailers. They are not sold to contractors or DIY.

smacman 06-29-2010 12:06 PM

Yes Infinity, here in Canada, they allow consumer direct purchases. Having a tough time getting installation instructions though (for my installer).

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