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willise 05-04-2011 08:44 AM

Sinking Shed
Hi all!

I have a 14x16 garden shed that, while built fine, was not put on a solid enough base and has been slowly sinking in the rear over the last couple of years. I have jacked up the rear corners and inserted shims, but the problem seems to be the excessive water in the area (another issue:().

So, this year I would like to jack up the shed and pull up the concrete blocks it is resting on. I would like to completely fill in the area with crushed stone, dig a some new footing areas and fill them with crushed stone, and set the shed back down - level with some good drainage. I would also like to put in three new 2x8 beams along the 16 foot length.

So, my question is about the stability of the shed. My plan was to jack up the shed, after I create a solid enough foundation so the jack doesn't sink into the ground while jacking, and place the shed on 6 jack stands about 6-8" above grade. Then I will have enough room to shovel the crushed stone under the shed and create new footings.

IS this going to be safe? or is there a better way to do this?

My other option would be to dismantle the shed (take off the roof, the walls and the floor), redo the area with the crushed stone, then put the shed back together, like a kit. Would that be easier or better?

Thanks a million!!

Willie T 05-04-2011 09:08 AM

I would be interested in hearing what you are expecting the crushed stone to do? Sounds like you intend for them to be your foundation.

moneymgmt 05-04-2011 10:52 AM

Can you jack up the shed? Simple answer, I'm sure you can.

My concern is with your plan to "shovel crushed stone under the shed and create new footings"; the problem is the ground moving, not the cinder blocks, and stone won't fix the problem which is what I believe WillieT is getting at. Changing the drainage in the area would be the best bet, then dig true footings to put the shed on. However if you simply raise the shed and don't move it how can you get under it to dig the footings? My longer solution answer is move the shed and get your foundation right, then move it back. Or create a new foundation in a different area and move the shed onto it.

Rock8Reno 05-04-2011 11:34 AM

Def need to move the shed out of the way to do the job right, it will just be in the way.

If you can't have a concrete slab poured, I would dig and remove a good amount of the soil, add a 6-8 inch base of quarry process (that's a product we sell that is part crushed stone/part stone dust) it packs very well and won't shift at all. Then put the crushed stone on top of that for drainage. For optimal drainage the key is to have the final base the shed will rest on slightly higher so you can pitch the perimeter of the shed downward to prevent any collection of water.

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