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Bcoleman6 07-07-2008 12:04 PM

Sidewalk drainage issue!
In my never ending quest for a dry basement I have one leak left to fix. We have a sidewalk which runs along the house from the driveway to the front door around 20'. Over the years, house is 50+ not sure on the sidewalk, the edge of the sidewalk, house side as settled causing a 1/2" slant over the width sidewalk, towards the house. During heavy rains the basement floor leaks between the floor and wall. I believe the sidewalk is to blame.

So looking for options. I know I can have the sidewalk mud jacked to level it. The question is due to sidewalk damage I would like to refinish the whole walk. Is it acceptable to create a slope away from the house during refinishing? Or do I need to have it mud jacked to correct the slope and then refinish? I also wouldn't be against removing the sidewalk and building a new one away from the house. We are adding on to our driveway this fall anyway.


buletbob 07-07-2008 02:17 PM

This is a common problem for homes that have the sidewalks up against there foundation. When I do an excavation on a house for an addition we keep the sidewalks away from the new foundation at least 2ft.
what happens is when the foundation was first constructed the excavator dug the hole with an over bite! so when the footings and walls were installed it gave the men plenty of room to work on the outside of the forms . and when they backed filled up against the foundation they did not machine compact the as they back filled. over the coarse of years the ground kept settling which brought the sidewalk down. and now that water is draining against the foundation there is a possibility the soil underneath could be washing out.
If it was my house! i would remove the sidewalk and install a new one away from the house and use the space as a planter. Good Luck Bob.

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