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Ducowti 05-25-2005 01:10 PM

Shower window issue help!
I have a window in my shower exterior wall, about 49 x 30 or so. It's a double hung Andersen that opens and I'm concerned water damage to the window will be an issue. I have already (maybe not so smartly) applied two or three coats of poly stain to the bare wood and have now tried painting it.

I don't see how, regardless of paint/poly/etc, I can keep water out of the joints and cracks between the actual glass frame and the window's inner frame (does that make sense?). Is there a decent option I can use to cover the entire window like a storm window or something that'll keep the water off it? I'd like to maintain its accessibility if I need to open it.


British Building 05-25-2005 01:24 PM

Hello Ducowti

Some interesting points and a common problem as windows are the weakest link in a buildings protection from the elements. If you add another skin to the window you risk increasing condensation which is your main enemy here.

As you have said, the abutment between the frame & the pane of glass is the main entry point for condensation, however it is also the main exit point.

Ventilation & extraction is the key here. If the windows are open during & after the steam is at its most airbourne state you will minimise the damp penetration.

If you have the option, position an automated extractor between the sources of water & the window frame.

Best Regards

British Building

747 05-26-2005 03:36 AM

You should replace it will a glass block window with the fins in the middle which crank out. All of your problems will be solved. Go to any glass company in your town. They will give you a price plus installation. Your problems will be solved for ever thats what i did.

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