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Shorted on driveway
I had a house built that I moved in Sept. 06. I added a third car garage option for which I paid for the drive to be widened. Instead of rounding the corners they used sharp ones and a crack developed because they did not relief cut one of the corners. I had the builder out to look at it and they say they did nothing wrong. I discovered that the extra drive and approach should have been 350 sq. ft but I only received 239 sq ft. I insisted that the builder replace the whole drive to take care of any color differences but they claim they do not warranty color differences. I told them that if the job was done properly the first time there would not be a color difference. Am i being unreasonable?

lxdollarsxl 05-12-2006 09:31 PM

Unless it was specified as to the size of the drive that was required, then maybe you are. As for the colour i doubt if anyone would warranty the colour, as most drives take a lot of concrete trucks to deliver and although the mixture would be fairly close to one another, there could be variances in the colour. Its not an exact science its concrete.......:cool:

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