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Shop Ceiling HELP!!

Ok, I will try to make this as short as I can. I am building a shop, dimensions are 30x30. Its actually going to be built within a leanto on the side of my barn, being that the cement is like new. Barn was built in early 1900's. Here is my question. The ceiling in the leanto is, well, like a leanto. about 10' on the south, and angles way up to the barn roof on the north. The whole length is about 60' but Im using half of it and its 30' wide, so 30x30. I want to put in a lower ceiling, about 9' high, so I can insulate it, also building all new walls around the inside of the existing walls, so a building within a building if you follow. Question is, I am needing to put this ceiling in.. There wil be no weight on it except for the osb board that I am going to put up on the inside. Can I double up 2x12's to span the 30' or is that not possible. Tripple up?
Originally I was thinking of tripple thickness of 2x12's, then running 2x4's, 24" on center and screwing all the 1/2" OSB into everything to create the ceiling.
I was going to put a beam on each end and one down the center, each 30' long.
I could run suppord board down from the existing leanto ceiling to help support, but I dont want to cause any damage to that either. I cant afford steel I-beams or anything, can I make 2x12's span 30'??


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Photo and Diagram

If I follow this correctly you are using a 30' long 2 X 12 to span 30' exterior wall to exterior wall but will be supporting the joists at mid point so that the span bearing to bearing is 15'. You are having a dead load of the joists, OSB that is a flooring surface for insulation and a ceiling finish, 1/2" gypsum board? A 2 X 12 16" o.c. spanned 15' will support a ceiling finish and insulation but I am not sure that is an accurate answer for you as I may not accurately understand your proposal. Is there any additional load on the joists? e.g. storage. It would be helpful to send a photo of the existing conditions and a sketch of what you propose.


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basically, all I want to know, is if I put in 2x12 beams 30' long, either doubled or tripple 2x12. one beam on the south side, one beam down down the middle and one beam on the north side... then run 2x4's in between them, 24" on center, will that support the osb I want to hang from it for the ceiling of my shop? No drywall, just OSB.
My guess is it will work, but over time may start to sag. :-(
above in the existing leanto, there is a 30' beam of (3) 2x12's running east/west that supports the roof, and I could always die the midpoint of the new beams I want to put in, into that...say just drop down sx4's vertically from the current beam and attach to new beams, to help them from sagging. Maybe they wont, seems like they should be pretty strong, and there wont be any weight except the 2x4's and OSB. Might be pretty long for the 2x4's between the beams too, I could cross brace between them all, kind of a honeycomb effect or what not. I just need to get a flat ceiling in there at the 9' level so I can heat it in the winter time. Maybe this makes no sense without seeing it. I just need to know what can I span 30' to make a flat ceiling for my new shop I want to construct inside this existing leanto. Its more or less a ceiling, not a roof, will not be supporting anything.
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I suggest that you consult an engineer , because it may be true that a double or triple 2x12 may span 30ft it still has to carry the load of the rest of the ceiling. Plus you will have to consider proper support of said beams. Just my opinion, just because someone on the internet says they did it one time does not mean that it is safe.
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