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ksunderman 02-07-2011 04:27 PM

Shed Roof Screen Porch and Exisiting Chimney
Hi, I'm a do it yourselfer until you can't do any more then call the professionals kind of gal. I am currently trying to design a shed roof screen porch in self defense. We have rake joint masonry that has a lot of wicking problems. We have recently replaced both french doors on either side of the fireplace and are still getting leaking under the seal of one of them due to splash back from the deck.
We currently have about a 13 inch overhang.
I would like to add a simple shed roof screen porch over both doors, out to the dimensions of the current deck. 14 feet. But that chimney just messes with my sketches. How do you build that roof and include the chimney? Still gonna have to have a cricket back there just higher up. This is making me crazy so I joined this group for support. I probably should just say hello and post this in construction. Sorry if I didn't do it right.

Gary in WA 02-07-2011 08:08 PM

Have you looked online with your local Building Department to see if you need a permit for the roof, yet?

A picture or two would help us understand what you are up against with the block and chimney.....


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