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ezg928 02-02-2009 09:46 PM

segal deadbolt lock
I opened the back plate of my segal deadbolt lock & dropped it. there are 3 pieces that fell out : A spring, the brass locking mechanism & a silver piece(?). Any clue on how to put the pieces back so I dont have to buy a new one?

Maintenance 6 02-03-2009 12:07 PM

The silver piece has a hole that fits over a pin on the bolt unit. The spring coils behind the silver piece and forces it up agianst a stop on the bolt unit. Place the spring, then the silver piece over the pin. Hook the spring on the bolt and the silver piece. Hold the assembled pieces and test to see that the silver piece moves easily and that the spring returns it. Lay the assembled pieces back into the case. The knob on the case has a cam lobe on it the depresses the the silver piece and moves the bolt in and out of the case when the knob is turned. There will also be a similar cam lobe on the back plate. Make sure that neither of these lobes are trapped behind the bolt unit. Then lay the back plate into the case and put the screw back in. Don't take any more of these apart. :no: Contains no user servicable parts.

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