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mkchicago 02-28-2007 09:28 AM

Sealing above steel lintel in masonry building?
Hi all...

I currently live on the third floor of a three-flat, masonry block building in Chicago. Above each window in my unit is a steel lintel. The gap between the lintels and the blocks resting on them appears to be filled with ordinary masonry mortar. Over one large window in my living room, this mortar has cracked and a few pieces have fallen out. We had some stormy weather last week, and it appears that water is now getting through the gaps where the mortar has fallen out.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a caulk/sealant that I can use to fill these gaps? Each gap is small, and it appears that only one window is affected, so I'd like to avoid having to buy/mix/appy mortar or cement or call in a masonry company.

We had the limestone capstones along our roof re-set a few months ago, and they used a product called Vulkem-116 (a one-part polyurethane sealant) to seal between the blocks. Anyone know if this product will work in my application, or if it will even bond to the steel lintel? I need something that can be applied in relatively cold weather (30-40 deg. F). We're supposed to get more rain this weekend, so I'm a bit panicked to get this done... Any suggestions/advice greatly appreciated.


AtlanticWBConst. 02-28-2007 07:23 PM

Just go down to a big Home store and go to the caulking aisle...there are MANY different kinds of caulking and there are some made just for such an application....Just read the description on the tube. In your case, for waterproof on concrete application...but also works on iron (the lintels)....

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