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Klaus 06-09-2008 10:00 PM

Screw and plug 5/4" PTP decking
I am wondering if anyone has tried to screw and plug pressure treated 5/4 decking. I think screws are superior in holding power (compared to nails) but look equally bad (or worse) - so I am wondering if I should consider screw and plug - I searched around but can only find articles where it is used for ipe, nobody mentions it as an option for (5/4") PTP. I only have a small area to do, so the additional time is not a major issue - and also realize that I have to cut my own plugs.
I am interested in general opinions and of course experience. I am also wondering if one would use a regular "sinker" type head (countersink head) (like the typical (PTP) decking screw found at Lowes or HomeDepot) - or if one would use a screw where the bottom of the head is flat (pan head). Finally what glue would one use for the plugs?
Appreciate any replies.

Termite 06-09-2008 10:25 PM

Personally, I think plugs in pressure treated yellow pine aren't worth the trouble. They'll look good for a few months, but after a year or two, they'll shrink up and will probably draw more attention than screws would.

As for screws...With no plugs...I'd use bugle head deck screws. Get yourself some colored ones. The flat head screws are for composite decking and will not countersink very well in wood.

If you decide to try using plugs, use Titebond II wood glue. It is weatherproof and won't make a horrible mess like polyurethane glues can.

drewid153 06-10-2008 12:36 AM

how about the rails they sell that mount to the joist which enables the screws to go in from the bottoms of the planks. Cant beat invisable fasteners

Klaus 06-10-2008 07:01 AM

Good idea about the screw strips (screw from below) - that c/would be a great option, though this is really more patio than a deck with little to no access from below - so that option is out for probably 75% of the deck.

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