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sbmfj 10-19-2009 07:44 AM

screen door sizing question

I installed a pre hung exteroor door a couple of weekend ago, and Id like to install a screen door over it, or onto the door frame. MY question has to do with the screen door sixe I should be buying. My prehung door was a 34`size door, so the entire frame was about 35 3/8 wide. At my local hardware store, they have different sizes to choose from, and I figure Id probably need a 33" wide door, as this is about the size of the outside opening. Am I missing something, or does this sound aboutright? I know I can always return the door if it doesnt fit, but as I dont have a pickup, its a bit of a pain.


paul100 10-19-2009 09:02 PM

You dont usually hang a storm door on the frame. You hang it on the brick molding. If it is a 34" exterior door then you would get a 34" storm door.

Now if for some reason you do not have any trim on the outside of the jamb then you can probabily use a 33" storm door. The only real problem I see with that is that if it is a standard 4 9/16" jamb there is a chance that the storm door handle and the exterior door handle could hit.

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