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handyd123 08-25-2008 03:42 PM

Rotted sill plate replacement help

I have a load bearing wall that has a rotted sill plate... a temporary support has been placed under the floor (in a crawl space) to support the first floor as there were a few floating joists due to the bad sill plate. The room has another on top of it (so two stories). The run is about 20 ft with a french door in the middle of the wall...

The idea I have is to remove the interior wall and cut down through the rim joist and sill plate to the concrete block foundation and install several lolly columns for support along the run. Once in place, then remove and replace the sill plate,rim joist and studs in sections such that there are several new "wall partitions" (leave the lolly columns in place.insulate then finish off with new sheet rock.

The key would be the lolly columns to support the load bearing wall while
redoing it....then just leave them in the wall.

Opionions appreciated...


buletbob 08-25-2008 04:18 PM

Handyd123 I can understand what your trying to accomplish, And I can understand that it makes sense to you. I have done 100's of sill plate repairs and replacement, I have had to hire house movers to come in and pick homes up and add another coarse of block along top of foundation.installed new plates and lowered the home back down,because the house was low to grade.
What i see wrong with your idea is that the Lolly columns will only lift the top plate and the second floor plate. which will result in the floor crowning.
you need to lift the entire wall as a whole. the safest way would be to build a wall in the crawl space under the floor joist and along side the foundation which will bring you on the edge of the footing. when we build these walls I use 4 bottle jacks rated @ 20ton. you could rent them. I install a 6x6 on the ground and one on top. install one jack at each end in about 1' I had made an adjustable 3" pipes with base for this, you could use double 2x4" . raise the out side wall 1/4" more then what your new sill thickness is going to be.
install your 2x4's for your wall support against the foundation on top of the 6x6's. open the back of the house and work from outside replacing the sill.
I don't know what your situation is so I can not see what your up against. This Repair Is Not Your Norm DYI project, It should be performed by a qualified contractor. we have the tools and experience for a safe repair. Your also going to have to reset the back french doors once this is completed. Get back to me , pictures would be ideal. BOB
P.S. when raising you must be under all load bearing points example, window & door jacks etc. etc. etc.

handyd123 08-25-2008 06:02 PM

Thanks! for the info....I see where my plan would backfire....great response...on to plan "B" ;-)

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