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rwbil 08-15-2010 09:26 AM

Rotted Lookout Beam Supporting Barge Rafter
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I recently purchase this house. It has a hip roof that cantilevers. The red beam in the picture is rotted. I started to cut some of the rot out as you can see in the picture. One of the factors effecting which way to make the repair, is how much support that Red Beam Lookout provides for the Barge Rafter. If it just provides minimum support I would just cut the Red Beam back to the Barge Rafter and putty any remaining rotted wood. I thought there might be several 2x4 turned flat lookouts that support the Barge Rafter and the Red Beam Lookout might just provide minimum support at the end. But in addition to the Barge Rafter there is another Roof Rafter on the outside. I was not sure if under that condition 2x4 lookouts could support both roof rafters, the roof sheathing and the roofing materials. Normally what I have seen is the 2/4 lookouts nailed to the Common Rafter then laid over the end rafter (which is notched out for the 2/4s) and that supports the Barge Rafter 2 foot out. I can see where that would provide enough support. I just was not sure about 2x4 lookouts supporting 2 rafters on the outside. I would prefer to go the easy way and not tear everything out. If I have to go the hard way and replace the red beam lookout, I would have to pull out the trim and T1-11 to see how far back the red lookout beam extends. I hope it does not extend into the house. Any suggestion are appreciated

wombosi 08-15-2010 11:40 AM

hey there friend.
from the picture, the red beam ends look only minimally rotted/punky.

i would consider redesigning this so that the ends of those "brackets are INSIDE the barge rafter, with the barge rafter nailed through the face into it.
otherwise there's no way to keep it from rotting over time.

check this out:

read the "alternative bracket connection..."

or at least figure out a way to bevel the ends and caulk it up real well.

from the picture at least it looks like minimal damage. i wouldn't go ripping the whole thing out. it must go into the house at least a few feet.

cool house, BTW.

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