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wombosi 05-15-2011 04:24 PM

roof/wall drip edge interface?
i'm wondering about the proper order of things when building something like a porch roof where the roof drip edge intersect the existing wall (clapboards).

would you remove all the siding first, build the new roof, step flash and drip edge, and then reapply siding?

mostly what i'm wondering is: should the drip edge butt to the clapboard, or go behind it to the sheathing, in which case the clapboard replacement would be notched around the drip edge?

this has always seemed like an awkward area to me, and i'm sure there must be some methodology to it.


Aggie67 05-15-2011 05:42 PM

That's one of the classic inspection Easter Eggs to look for, whether or not that intersection is flashed properly on a roof.

Do a google image search for kickout or diverter flashing, and start reading. One of my favorite resources is the government, because it's free. The EPA has a massive indoor air quality technical repository on the web, and part of it includes roofing. Here's the link for what they recommend at that intersection:

Flashing manufacturers have various systems, all similar in concept to what the EPA shows, but it's worth looking into it more.

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