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doitall 04-22-2006 11:37 AM

Roof over porch in double valley
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I am looking for the right way to build a roof over a porch that is positioned in a double valley. The picture shows what I mean. I intend to extend the porch out to to end of the house on the right side of the pic. I have been thinking that a shed type roof would be the only way to go but may create oppurtuinty for roof leaks if not done properly. Is there other ways to occomplish this roof? Thanks in advance for any advice.


crecore 04-25-2006 11:33 AM

I had this exact same scenario but mirror imaged in my last remodel. I decided it was not worth the investment on a resale. I built a 1-1/4" cedar planked deck there and forgot about it.

The good news is, my roof pitch was 5/12, yours looks more like 9/12 or so. This gives you more room to work with. To do it right I would run a new rim joist (beam) across the two walls parallel and above the deck rail. If needed you could run a column down to a new footing also. Then run joists from the main peak down... this will create a nice valley on the left at a new shallower pitch.

on the right the issue will be how the partial hip roof ties into the roof on the right that we cant see in the pic. If you string off of the new rafters to the peak on the right you can create a new hip rafter from the main peak to the right roof peak at that point (same pitch as new roof). Then scab in remaining joists to this. This will create a bit of an uneven hipped peak from the right side view but it won't be too bad.

You have two vents that are strangely close to eachother. Too bad they cant be tied into one... anyway you'll have to extend those.

Roof likes like it's the shady side of the lot with lots of pine trees so it has seen better days anyway.

good luck

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