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fauer 01-19-2008 09:10 PM

Ridge Board vs Beam carrying load
Inspector came today. He comes this one and only time on my garage w/Loft. Couple small things not a problem...and one hang up maybe. I had to rush with winter coming on and I went with gambrel trusses. I left 8' gaps between doubled trusses to leave space for dormers. Four dormers actualy (two 8' gaps).

The rafters are very substantial for the distance, a little over 15', and they are 16 on center 2X10s.. He's concerned with the ability of the trusses to hold up that ridge board/beam. I interpret it more as a ridge board (although it's double 2X10s), while he interprets it more as a beam carrying substantial each of the rafter sets where the dormer begins and ends.

I have to put in some colar beams yet (I volunteered the idea, he agreed I should), and with them I see the places where the rafters start on the top as more of a ridge board, not carrying so much weight. I see them as a ridge board with the weight carried by the rafters.

I promised to find my truss layout drawings and fax that to him, but I'm concerned there won't be enough detail there.... It only shows the truss layout, although it was clear dormers were in the 8' gaps. I actually don't expect him to come back and create a big deal about this, but if he did I'd have a tremendous problem (how to support the "beam").
Top center of the picture is the can see the trusses behind. Note lower picture too....

SeanR 01-19-2008 09:23 PM

What size header is spaning the 8' dormer?
What size is the 'ridge board'?
When your say 'truss' are you saying rafter with ceiling joist?
Perhaps is a terminology thing, but trusses don't need a 'ridge board', you may add blocking between the trusses, but that's it, no ridge board needed.

SeanR 01-19-2008 09:28 PM

Shoot, I jumped the gun and didn't see your pictures.
Yeah, I see what your saying now.
Would the truss manufacture be able to suggest something?
I'll be thinking about it.
Nice house, by the way!

SeanR 01-19-2008 09:39 PM

Hey, will that dorm be Gable or Gambrel?
What's the pitch?
At what point on the main roof will it intersect? I mean, where the ridge board conforms into the main truss line. Looks like you'd most likely just match the main roof line.
Do you get more than three feet of snow there? That would increase your lbs./sq.ft., also, increasing rafter width.
I'm guessing you don't want a post in the room?

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