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marlinpuppy 02-21-2009 01:22 PM

Replacing sliding patio door problems
Replacing sliding patio door in next few weeks and upon measuring the rough opening I have found the sill plate at the bottom is showing signs of dry rot. What is the best way of replacing this? Just want to have all my ducks in a row when it comes to replacing this slider and make sure I have all materials and tools in hand. It appears from underneath the house in the crawl space that it is the plywood underlayment over the 2x10's that will need to be replaced so I think this is what needs to be replaced. The 2x10 is is good shape. It appears to be in the operating side of the slider and is about 6''wide by 12''in length. I would assume to cut out this area and reanchor to the 2x10's. Also it appears that there is know flashing underneath this area. I will definetly flash this area to prevent any further damage in the future. Does this sound correct? Thanks for any help that can be provided.

Ron6519 02-22-2009 01:03 PM

Sounds like the right way to proceed. Critical to future success is the correct installation of the new flashing. If the floor detail was absent, you can bet the top and sides will have issues.

marlinpuppy 02-22-2009 08:11 PM

Thanks for the reply. I think I will be fine as to the tops and the sides. The framing is 2x6s so what I did for now is rip off the jamb extensions, pulled the insulation around the perimeter. Everything checked out fine in reguards to the tops and sides. Did show signs of a previous leak but no major signs of damage. Did check the subflooring in front of the door from underneath and the dryrot appears to be concentrated on the subfloor where the jambs of the old door meet. I also pulled the threshold off to check the subfloor in front of the door and it too appears structurely sound but does have staining froma previous leak but no dryrot issues. So my game plan is to cut away the front six inches of the subflooring and replace even though the dryrot is concentrated to the first 2 to 3 inches of the subfloor. After the subfloor replacement I will flash the area and also I am going to install a sill pan for safety sake. Hope all goes well.

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