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twildey 07-22-2010 06:53 AM

Replacing a sliding glass door with a new window
I am getting ready to replace an old sliding glass door with a new window, but have a few questions. Here is where I am. The old window is about 8 W x 7 H. I am replacing it with and Anderson 3 pane casement window that is 72 W x 41 H. I am planning on leaving the header in place and then framing the area out for the new window and wall. Here are my questions:

1. The rest of the house (70 + yrs old) is not wrapped with Tyvek or any other house wrap under the wood shingles. Or I should say I am not sure if the rest of the house is wrapped. Does it make any sense to wrap this small area? If so should I use Tyvek or tar paper?

2. Is OSB acceptable for the exterior walls or do I need to use plywood?

Any other tricks or suggestions would be much appreciated!

rjniles 07-22-2010 08:40 AM

1. I would cover the framed in area for water proofing and draft resistance. Every little bit helps. Use 15 pound felt (tar paper) to save buying a roll of Tyvek.

2. OSB is fine as long as nothing in a local code rejects it. I have not heard of an area that does.

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