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MLO 01-07-2007 11:03 PM

Replacing chimney in Washington...
I demoe'd a complete fireplace in a 50's home (damaged beyond repair). I have an open permit for an addition (not the fireplace) and the munincipal inspectors will be coming and going for awhile.

I'm confused on wheather I can build a normal full masonry fireplace/chimney with an old style open firebox or I have to meet the new EPA Washington regulations and go with a EPA wood stove insert inside the firebox?

My reading leads me to believe that the new EPA regulations only apply to stove/inserts and not full masonry open firebox chimney/fireplaces.

Can a fireplace be made to a normal open firebox design, have a EPA wood stove insert installed and still be functionable as a open firebox if the insert was ever removed? or does the normal masonry firebox flue/design change if being built from scratch for a EPA wood stove insert?

Can anyone clear this up?

redline 01-09-2007 08:13 PM

Can you use double wall metal instead of a brick chimney?

MLO 01-10-2007 12:15 AM

I would like to have a masonry chimney/fireplace re-installed. I have saved and cleaned most of the roman brick which matches the homes exterior.

I have been told that I can have an open fireplace, just cannot burn when thier is a local ban on unless it is EPA certified. I have also been told no open fireboxes are being permitted. The reg's are insanely worded and not easy to find.

I'm not against having a EPA certafied insert, and actually would be interested in knowing if one (brand?) can be integrated into the chimney when being built to mimick a real firebox with glass doors, or atleast close. Most I have seen stick out beyond the brick face and look like retrofits with wide sheetmetal panels etc.

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