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jzambon 03-09-2010 11:58 AM

Replacing band joist behind brick veneer
Hey all, first time homebuyer, first time poster here.

I have a rotted band joist along the rear of the house caused (most likely) by improper flashing of a connected deck. I would like to replace this band joist along the rear of the wall. The floor joists run perpendicular to the band joist inside the crawl space. The outside wall is covered by a brick veneer that extends all the way to the cinderblock foundation. I'm thinking about tackling this project by first jacking the house up using 6 20-ton bottle jacks resting on the sill plate between the floor joists (16" on center) at a time. Then, removing the deck. Then removing the brick veneer. Remove/replace the band joist about 8-9' at a time, replace everything.

I've never worked with brick veneer, and this part is what makes me nervous. I'm assuming the weight of the veneer is held up by the foundation, and there are straps in the wall holding the veneer to it (with a 1/2" spacing for moisture runoff). How can I brace the weight veneer so that it doesn't crack or fall down while I'm removing the lower bricks? Is this possible, or do I have to pull apart the entire wall? Should I play hours of Jenga beforehand? :-)

I'm thinking about rigging up some angle iron (length of the sections I'll be removing) to hold the brick up while I remove the lower pieces and then work on the band joist.

Thanks for any help!

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