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czellerhoff 10-15-2010 05:21 PM

replacing a 7'6" ceiling for a Split-foyer home
I am writing to find out how best "fix" a very unsightly ceiling. We live in a split-foyer house and the ceiling height on the upper level is only 7'6". Our problem is that the previous owner attempted to "mask" the popcorn ceiling appearance/texture by using a hand trowel to apply wallboard compound in a random manner to create a "stucco" appearance. It looks like the owners originally hoped to smooth over the ceiling (because a large section of our dining room ceiling has a "flat" appearance) but then abandoned the effort to just smear it randomly. This "texture" makes the ceiling feel like it is closing in (VERY LOW!). Oh, the other complication is that we have a very flat roof (torch down with a 2 to 12" pitch-or so I was told). We don't have an attic, nor is there any access to see what is above our ceiling. Ideally I would like to rip out the ceiling to try and reclaim the ceiling height; perhaps expose the beams? I would appreciate any feedback and ideas. Thanks!

Ron6519 10-16-2010 11:36 AM

You cannot really expose the beams on a flat roof. Where will the insulation go and how much can you actually get it there.
If the ceiling is 7'6" because of low framing, you aren't going to get much more if you remove a bumpy ceiling. If they dropped the ceiling for some reason, you might be able to reclaim the lost space.
You need to supply more info on the ceiling structure.

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