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darkmagician135 11-29-2012 06:54 PM

Replacement of Siding during the Winter
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I have a lot of questions about a variety of subjects for this project.

My plan is to replace all the masonite siding on my house, with help from my brothers, with 8" (7" reveal to avoid facenailing) hardiplank lap siding and harditrim. Its a tall task, literally, with the house going up 3 stories in some places (and a total of 1000sq ft of siding to replace). I will be renting scaffolding for majority of the work, but there is 1 area that is puzzling.

How do I work vertically on a pitched roof? (see attached image)
One side of my house looks to be problematic. From peak to peak, it is at least 8ft (probably 10). I'm not very good at measuring the pitch, but its about 8/12 or 9/12. We will be using roof jacks for the front (probably in conjunction with harnesses), but I can't figure out this area.

How cold is too cold?
I live in Houston, where the day time temps are in the 60's typically, with occasional 70's and 50's. If it would help (or at least wouldn't hurt), I plan on preparing (painting) the siding in the garage prior to install.

Sheathing (and radiant barrier)?
Currently, there is no sheathing on the exterior. It is studs, with batts of insulation between, then tar paper, with masonite siding over. Not even the corners have sheathing. Do I need to add some OSB (or plywood?) sheathing to the house? How beneficial is radiant barrier on the siding? yes, I have researched and know I need 1" furring strips between the radiant barrier (be it TechShield or otherwise) and the vapor barrier.

Construction waste/disposal?
What is the most cost effective way for a home owner to dispose of construction materials? My trash service won't pick it up.

jklingel 11-30-2012 12:13 AM

I can not imagine a house w/out plywood or OSB sheathing. I'd sheath it for sure. OSB is not as good as plywood, imo, because of its off-gassing and if it gets wet it can turn to mush. To me, the price difference between it and ply is trivial compared to the risks. But, it's your $$ and life. As for "...and the vapor barrier." I hope you mean air barrier, unless your locale mandates a vapor barrier on the outside; some hot, humid places suggest that. has maps that show which areas are good candidates for vb's, and whether in or out. For MOST places they are not generally recommended. If you run AC, but real careful installing poly on the inside; I'd sure check w/ the local building dept on that. As for temps, go for it. If you use water-based paints, you may have to paint inside, but I've painted w/ them right above freezing. Otherwise, git 'er done. I am sheathing my shop, just getting to facist boards, etc, and it is -15 F. Just dress and work. Radiant stuff is generally a waste of money, as far as I can gather. has info on that, and it leaves me flat. Have fun up on the high parts, and please don't call me for that.

r.mills 11-30-2012 12:14 AM

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I'm putting Hardie siding on my 2 storey. I have been for over 2 years lol. Siding is already painted. My trim boards (LP smart side) is just primed. I cannot finish till summer cause its too cold here in Alberta to paint and caulk.

Makes it really nice for install is using "gecko solo siders" holds sheet up and same reveal everytime. They are worth having. Even with 2 people.

Your pic did not come through, but I have scaffolding on my roof right now on one side of house to get up the gable. I'm using "tube and clamp" with "sectional" scaffold. Using tube and clamps to make legs longer where roof drops down. Scaffold is anchored to roof and to wall studs. I skipped a row of siding where I have lag bolts and eyelets drilled into studs for an anchor. I will have to face nail that last piece. In 6 months from now when it's warmer.

There's always the "pole jacks" to reach up gables or cottage ends. These can be put together on a roof top aswell.

As far as your exterior I'm not sure, but up here in Canada all houses I ever seen are done with 7/16" OSB sheathing and tyvec house wrap.

Waste material. Our local landfill charges $$$ for trailer loads or truck loads of construction material. It's not much though. Others rent garbage bins and call when they are full and need to be emptied.

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