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DoItMyselfToo 09-10-2011 09:48 AM

House Fly Away - No anchor bolts
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Okay, so my house isn't going to fly away, I think. I hope! No j-bolts. Rotted sill. Need to attach new GT sill plate.


Located in WI, zone 6.

The lower half of my basement walls are constructed with 3 core concrete blocks (8"x8"x16") with a solid concrete block (6"x4"x16") cap. See photo. The remainder of my basement height is obtained by a 2'-10" tall 2"x4" pony wall nailed to the concrete cap blocks. This is a 1960's raised ranch. The bottom plate of the pony wall serves as the sill plate. It is not treated lumber.

There is only one floor above.


The bottom plate of the pony wall has three short sections with rot. I would like to at least replace the rotted sections. The photo shows drywall but most of the wall is bare studs. At some point I would like to enclose the wall and insulate. While cutting out the rot and replacing with short sections of 2"x4" would be quick and easy, I keep thinking that replacing all the sill with green treated 2"x6" prior to enclosing makes the most long term sense.

The existing pony wall sole plate/sill plate is nailed to the concrete cap blocks using concrete nails, no j-bolts. Do I nail the new sill plate? Do I fill cores every 4' or so and add j-bolts?

Possible Approach

One thought I had is to remove the cap block every 4'-6' around the foundation and fill two adjacent cores in each of those areas. And then place a j-bolt in the concrete, resulting in j-bolts every 4'-6' around the perimeter of the foundation wall to attach green treated 2"x6" sill plate. The j-bolts would stick up enough to allow for sliding the j-bolt head through a hole drilled in the cap block. The cap block would be remortered.

I have screw jacks to do any lifting and I can construct temporary 2"x4" walls to support the floor above.

Is this overkill? Could I really just renail a new sill plate directly to the concrete cap block? That doesn't seem sufficient. Do you have another or better way?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or experiences you can share.

BigJim 09-10-2011 11:00 AM

Drill through the sill and epoxy the fasteners in place if you want to. If your blocks aren't filled now and only anchored to the cap blocks I wouldn't worry about it, if a wind or quake is strong enough to move your house the mortar of the cap blocks sure won't hold it.

DoItMyselfToo 09-10-2011 02:55 PM


Thanks for your response. At this point, I pretty sure that I'll replace the sill plate. I don't want to enclose my wall only to open it later because I took a short cut. I'm in my late 30's and planning to retire here, so this is more long term forward thinking. I want to relax in retirement, so trying to take care of the big stuff now.

Just trying to get a bunch of feedback. More heads=better projects.


kwikfishron 09-10-2011 03:01 PM

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Originally Posted by DoItMyselfToo (Post 725388)
More heads=better projects.

Thatís assuming you know which heads to believe. :laughing:

DoItMyselfToo 09-10-2011 03:07 PM

Oh, yeah...I forgot about that part. Oh well. I was never told this life thing would be easy. :)

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