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Replace old window with smaller window

I just posted a question concerning replacement windows for my 1979 Suncrest Mobile Home. I decided to post this separately as it is a special "must do" project that is more complicated.

Basically I want to reduce the size of my kitchen window. I want to bring the bottom up about 7". For some reason the bottom of the window is only 37" above the floor, making it only 1" above the countertop exactly where the sink is located.

I just gutted my kitchen and have new cabinets and countertops to install. Because the window is so low right now the 4" backsplash on my old countertop was actually cut out at the window. As strange as it sounds, I'm pretty sure this is original. Maybe the previous owner installed a new countertop, but I still can not comprehend why the home was actually manufactured this way. Why in the world would they place the kitchen window only 37" above the floor in the kitchen. lol. But this is beside the point as I am now forced to deal with the issue.

Just to give a little more background, when I gutted the kitchen I also removed the walls in back of the cabinets and replaced everything. I rewired everything, then install 1/2" thick green drywall. At the window opening I cut the drywall opening 8" above the bottom of the window, so I am all set with that part at least.

Because of the length of both walls I was able to avoid any joints showing up, so even if they start cracking it will be below the backsplash of the countertops and should not be an issue.

Anyway, my basic question is what is the best way to replace the old window with a smaller window?
The best solution that I could come up with on my own was as follows:

1) Build the bottom up by screwing additional 2 x 4's to the bottom and sides of the existing window frame 8" up, then have a 2 x 4 running across the top as the new bottom. So basically I would be building a "box" of 2 x 4's to create the new bottom of the window.

2) Then, on the outside I could install additional lap siding by sliding it in and securing it to the 2 x 4 "box" that I built.

3) I could then secure the new lap siding to the existing siding with liquid metal, which I used very successfully to seal some holes last year. This "should" make it waterproof on the outside if done correctly.

4) Finally, I could install a nice box planter on the outside to cover up the bottom. I would do this because while I think I could make the transition from new to old siding waterproof, it will probably not look very nice.

As far as the additional lap siding is concerned, I am luck enough to have some from some shutters I removed that are made out of the same material (lap siding).

So does anyone think this is the best way to do this? Does anyone have a better way to do it?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. As I already said, this is pretty much a "must do" project, so I have to figure out some way to do it.

Thanks - Joe


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I did this recently on a window in a basement. All they had was a 16x32 window and the opening was 18x33 and i didn't want to wait so I made up a little box for it to go it and screwed it in place. For the box you continue either the horizontal or vertical the whole size of the previous window and screw it in. Fit the new window and your done


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Thanks for the information joel. I appreciate it.
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I would check the framing on the thing first,you may be getting into more then you want.I have done some work on 1970 era mobile homes or tin cans and none that I have ever worked on were put together very well.By todays standards they wouldn't even pass for dog houses.The last one I did something like what your planning had 2x2 for a frame and I had to redo the whole wall.Yours may be better i hope and if so your on the right tract but don't forget the jack studs this helps take the window weight off the frame itself and keeps things from bowing on you
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