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yellowsky7 09-09-2008 10:39 AM

Replace Aluminum Windows
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I've done many things over the years, but window replacement is not one of them. I have an elderly friend who would like to update her old aluminum windows and I would like to do it for her.

I don't know how the existing windows are installed, which leads to "what is the best replacement?" The openings are 72 X 48, and she would like sliding, grid, low E replacements. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached photos.

skymaster 09-09-2008 11:53 AM

You will probably find they are attached with an integral nailing flange, aluminum that is covered with the siding.You will most likely have to cut them out with a sawzall or try to peel the siding back, which I dont recommend :{.
All windows are installed new in this fashion, replacement windows are designed to fit into the existing window jambs that are normal flat jambs.
In this case, and I can only speculate from the pics. Easiest way may just be to pull the panes out, build new jambs inside to cover the protrusions of the aluminum frames and then put in replacemant windows, this way tho windows will be smaller no tearing up of the existing structure.

yellowsky7 09-10-2008 05:43 PM

Thanks to skymaster for your response. What's the least destructive way to determine whether or not there is an existing nail flange? If it definitely does, it may make sense to install new vinyl window with flange and trim out window which then would match the other windows in her home. I know you said you would not recommend that, however. Any further comments or tips from anyone else? Thanks!

skymaster 09-10-2008 06:22 PM

Yellowsky7; I would bet 99.99999999999999% sure on aluminum flanges. The Issue that I see is the siding, IF you can peel it back without breaking, IF you can get MATCHING siding to replace what does break, then yank em out and use New windows. Otherwise best bet is to do as I first suggested IMHO. Remember once you touch it you married this job.
IF you can pull the sashes out and you see screw heads inside the tracks,then loosen em to see if window comes out. Somehow I seriously doubt this is the case

Big Bob 09-10-2008 06:45 PM

I agree with skymaster.. I too bet you have a flanged unit.. if you need to test you will need to probe the exterior... sharp ice pick is my weapon..
Please understand that the other option was typically called a masonry (flange) or window. ( this would be void of a nailing flange)

replace as advised above or if frames look to be in great shape call a local window co. and ask " can you remove the sashes and replace with low- E ( advise grid pattern described). This could be real special order and priced accordingly.

your alternative is a time , suitable replacement, and skill level question.

( now that I've pulled these windows how do I seal and trim the replacements in?)

Big Bob 09-10-2008 07:03 PM

Your older lady friend may be up on low- E, and if your install is free...
You will earn dinner three nights a week ..til...:wink:

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