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kevinf. 08-28-2011 04:43 PM

Repairing stucco on a block wall
My block wall, finished with stucco has damage from years of sprinklers hitting it. Now there are several areas that have crumbling stucco. I used a trowel to scrap off the brittle areas and need to patch them. I went to HD and asked how to do it and want to run his answer by those who are in the trade and actual experience. So here's what he said in detail.
Materials - mortar mix (1 hr), color coat, green float. He said the process goes like this: mix the mortar mix, wet the wall area, trowel on the morter and let set until fairly firm, trowel on the base color coat. Wait 15 minutes and use the green float to smooth around the edges (for a good transition), then trowel on the 2nd color coat (texture coat) and match to the existing texture.

If anyone has thier own two cents (agreeing to what I was told or otherwise) I would appreciate it. Thanks.

ddawg16 08-29-2011 02:13 AM

Really need to see of pic....

But I have used a 'stucco in a bucket' product from HD...comes in a 1 gallon bucket and is intended for stucco repairs....It's worked well for me...

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