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bofusmosby 05-28-2008 08:56 PM

Repairing an old garage
I have an old garage behind my house in the back yard that was built in the early 20's. The 2' X 4" studs holding this structure up goes into a concrete slab. Well, over the years, the termites have had a field day, and the studs are eaten up, and the garage is just resting on the slab by its own weight. Also, a lot of the wood framing is badly eaten up as well. This garage is just a wood frame, with tin on the roof and walls. It is being used for just storage, and a work-shop.

Here is my question.....

Since the garage is still standing, can I build a secondary frame on the inside of the walls, mounting these walls into the slab (using PT wood of course) and fastening them to the roof rafters? I understand that I would be loosing a bit of space, but the garage is pretty big, so the lost space would not be an issue. Also, I do not have the time to tear it down, to rebuild, and the tin siding is still solid to the original frame, so in this way, The original frame would be stablized by the new walls, and the roof rafters are still in good shape. Is this do-able? I would not attempt to level the garage, just to stablize it. I have my hands full with my house, so I am not able to put a lot of time into it, but was thinking of doing a little bit at a time, and in this way, at least it might stay standing for a number of years yet.

Please excuse my ignorance, but if I never asked, I'd never know. BTW, Due to being house rich, and money poor, hiring someone to do this is out of the question.

Any comments of jokes are more than welcome.:laughing:

Thank you!


bofusmosby 05-29-2008 06:23 PM

Any comments?

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