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wombosi 10-27-2008 06:03 PM

renovating questions
Hi, I'm in the process of getting the upstairs of my house ready to be rented.
So far I've stripped the entire floor of wallpaper and exposed some very nice plaster.

All of the old heating ducts and registers are still in place, but obviously serve no function whatsoever as the house is no longer heated with a coal furnace.

Many of the ducts are framed inside the room. They create some nice dimension, but also take up space.

Question 1: Should I rip out these ducts? Can they be useful at all in pulling new wiring down to the basement? My house is balloon framed, anyway.
All the ducts are wrapped in asbestos!

Question 2: (unrelated)

There is an old tub in the bathroom which I will convert to a shower. There is no bathroom fan. Is this an absolute must? If so, what is the best fan I can install in the least invasive way possible (in terms of having to tear apart plaster and framing, etc...)?

Also, I will be adding a stove to the kitchen (THe POs installed the plumbing, and there is a sink, but I don't think this kitchen was ever used).
Does this electric cookstove need to be vented to the outside as well? If so, again, what is my best bet for function and low impact?

I'll be doing all of this myself. Have all the tools.

Thank you!

Big Bob 10-27-2008 11:08 PM

Be Sure you clean all the old residue from the old papered walls b4 you paint.

If you want to make work for yourself...take the duct out...but you might be opening a can of worms if local codes require special handling of Asbestos paper or millboard duct wrap.... rental means commercial and if HUD or other is watching this might be rather involved.

Fan in bath will be a local code issue... most codes are if no window you must have a fan.

Vent stove outside? If you do, know the Benefit to you the landlord is less cooking grease on the surfaces to clean & paint when you change tenants. Odds are it is not a code required project.

upscale rental = upscale tenant... (rent on time)...etc....

richardbrickie 10-28-2008 11:21 AM

just wondering how did the reno go?

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