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Removing old Liquid Nails

I'm guessing this is an old topic revisited . . . We're replacing a plastic tub surround that was put over ceramic tile with Liquid Nails. The old surround was pretty cheaply made but the installer spared no expense in using the LN.
So, we've got a ceramic tile surface littered with clumps of old Liquid Nails.
And since we're doing this as free labor for low income home owners we want to get through this job in minimal time. If it were my bathroom I could nibble away at the problem for weeks
We only work on the project a few days a week so I've got some time to
research other methods of removal before we go back next Tuesday.
We used a heat gun with some success. We want to speed up the process 'cause there's other work in the house that needs doing. The team leader suggested using a blowtorch as our next option. I'm not crazy about that since I don't have a liking for hot tiles and hot tools
So we got a lot of vertical surface tile with Liquid Nails clinging stubbornly to it. What products or process would you recommend, please?

ElFitz of St. Louis


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I'd be taking off the tiles in a heartbeat.
Not a quick fix,but a sensible one.
I'd want to see if there was any rot in the walls under the tiles and repair accordingly.This is a wet area and any chance of mold growth should be considered.
I'm sure this is not what you wanted to hear,but in my opinion,covering it up again could only bury something that may come back and haunt you later.
The only reason for covering the tiles in the first place may have been to repair damaged or leaking tiles.
I'd also be concerned about using heat to loosen the LN because of toxic fumes.Some adhesives may contain asbestos or other noxious chemicals.


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I think I'd attack it with a 4, 1/2" angle grinder,+ a SSteel cup Brush.............
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Uh, toxic fumes

Boy, I didn't want to hear that, but I'm glad I did. It's a very enclosed
space and I'd be doing the breathing. The tiles really look firm so I'm hoping
for an easier way. I much doubt the guys would go for the whole nine yds
though that does sound right.

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Assuming the tile surface is in reasonably good shape and worth saving...

I have never used it but there is a Liquid Nails adhesive remover on thier site. Says it removes all construction adhesives. Looks like jellied paint remover with a 1-2 hour set time.

Might try it after knocking down as much as you can on the lumps of adhesive. Could do pretty good on a tile surface.

Three or four bucks a tube would be cheap to try.

Just be wary of any ventalation warnings and protect areas below in case of drips.
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Remover and grinder ideas

Thanks for both those suggestions as well. I did locate the adhesive remover and wasn't thrilled with the 2 hr layover - with no certitude of its effect.
If I'd had it yesterday I'd have used it and come back in 4 days to see how it
If I can come up with a wire brush wheel that should sounds worth a try.
I'll let ya'll know how it all develops.



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