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removing lally column in basement


We are finishing our basement...We have a 16 foot span with a steel beam running from basement wall to stairs (middle of bment) - the end of the beam by the stairs has a lally column, then a lally column 8 feet from that, then the wall. We were considering moving the middle lally closer to the wall by 4 feet so the span b/w lally's is 12 feet, opening up some space, however we are also building a wall to box in the hvac/water that will run approx 8 feet from the wall right under the beam. The wall ends and turns 90 degrees where we would otherwise move the lally column to.

My question I have it ok to remove the middle lally column altogether vs. moving and incorporating into the wall (as the corner) since we will have a wall (with extra vertical and horizontal support 2x4's) that runs 8 feet of the beam. The corner of the wall would still be 12 feet from the other lally, which i have confirmed is allowable span. All of our lally's are in footers (not resting on concrete floor)

The construction guys are saying that the reinforced wall should provide sufficient support and thus it is not necessary to have that lally column. all floor joist run perpendicular to the beam. Any and all thoughts appreciated, thanks!


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It would be really helpful if you attached a diagram showing the existing condition, and the proposed condition. I am not confident I really understand what you are doing, and since you indicate this has been looked at by the contractor, I assume the contractor looked at a drawing. You also use the term "reinforced wall", perhaps you can explain what that is, perhaps it is built differently than a standard 2x4 framed wall?


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Thanks for your post - I cannot figure out how to make the diagram file size less than the max allowed for posting - so cannot add

Let me try to explain more clearly -

16 foot steel beam supported by 2 lally's and the foundation wall. The "middle" lally is about 8-9 ft from the end lally , and bout 7-8 feet from the foundation wall.

1) Reinforced wall - standard frame 2x4's but each stud is doubled up with additional 2x4, then the end of the wall has 4 2x4's
2) the wall runs directly under the steel beam from the foundation wall out about 6 feet - the wall header is tight up against bottom of beam

So the wall is now essentially load bearing and can provide support to the beam - the end of the new wall is 10-11 feet from the end lally column where the beam ends in the middle of the basement (stairs are in middle)

Question - does the wall provide adequate structural support to justify removing the middle lally and not relocating it to be the "corner" of the wall?

So it is a structural integrity question - the workers say that the wall will provide enough structural support and I am looking for a second opinion. I hope this helps, my apologies if not...I appreciate your time

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I'm not a structural engineer, but it seems to me that the lally post is taking the load down to the footing.
I would think that the reinforced wall would have to do the same thing. I would think the reinforced wall should have a footing under it also.
Its my understanding that footings are to be placed on undisturbed soil and the soil under the slab is likely to be tamped gravel and perhaps only 4" thick. And thats another consideration.

I could be wrong with my assumption and if so, perhaps someone will be kind enough to provide an informed opinion.
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