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MLO 09-30-2006 11:37 AM

Removing concrete forming?
Finished pouring our mono footing/wall yesterday at about 5:00pm. It was a 6 sack pea-gravel mix with 16" walls, 6yds. total. How long before I can strip the forms off?

A couple of observations:

Using a line-pump hose over 100' can be a workout! Especially when the pump jockeys control box is either "off" or "fast". Made for some fun until he gave up and manually controlled it from the truck/pump.

Two inexperienced guy's are not enough for a job like this! I luckily brought in a experienced guy for the pour and am damn glad I did. Between the pump problems initially and the working knowledge of "time" concerning the cure rates and steps ie: juking the mud, tapping the forms for pockets, j-bolt install and the correct TOOLS!

We had some mud running over the footings neccesitating a "layer and wait slightly" tempo until the footing set slightly after juking. Was glad to have someone experienced around that made this all flow together, literally.

joasis 09-30-2006 01:23 PM

I would have been stripping the morning.

MLO 10-01-2006 02:00 AM

Thanks, I did strip it today.

For the most part everything looks good. Thier is a couple areas where the finish is not as nice as hoped. It looks like air was trapped as the gravel is showing, particularly in one corner. Which is actually a corner I "tapped" a couple times.

The helper thought the mud was goofy. I used a company who mixes the dry mix and water on site with an auger type mixing set-up. It was then run through a line pump and 100ft 2.5" hose. The mix seems to have plenty of water when pouring, but it seemed to set up very quick and wick itself dry-like in spots.

I wet it down several times through the day.

I'm hoping I can "patch" up the grav-ely exposed areas. The concrete is very dark gray currently. Any suggestions?

K2eoj 10-01-2006 10:30 AM

Plain portland cement and water. Make a paste. and put it on with a sponge float. The sooner the better for a better match but it will still look like a patch.

I was going to mention that sometime we strip within an hour and float the wall while it is still a little wet. But if you get it too early your :censored: . A small wall like yours you could scratch it up and plaster/ stucco the whole thing.

At least your mud stayed in the forms. For the first time that's a :thumbsup: .


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