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MFPA 03-10-2005 03:01 PM

Remove wall?
I have a small (8' by 9') kitchen with a similarly-sized bedroom adjacent. I am thinking of removing the dividing wall to make it a kitchen-diner. Another option would be to remove a 5' section from the middle of the wall, or possibly a square arch. In either case, I would then seal up the current doorway between kitchen and lounge to enable more cupboard space in the kitchen.

It is a solid wall (although, I believe, not one of the main supporting walls of the building). There is a similar solid wall in the upstairs flat and, being purpose-built flats, the floors are all concrete.

Is any of the above feasible, and should I first consult a surveyor or structural engineer?

MgMopar 03-11-2005 05:20 AM


If your upstairs floors are concrete This is not being supported by a typical wall. Pull off a little wall board and look in if they used sheet metal studs or wood studs (No Steel Beams) I would say it is not supporting. This means you can do whatever you want with it remove, or arch. Without actually looking at it, it can be tricky for me to tell, but its not uncommon to have the concrete floors with 15' to 20' spans.

MFPA 03-11-2005 12:44 PM

Thanks for replying.

Unfortunately no wallboard to remove as the walls are plastered in the traditional manner and not dry-lined. Just a wall built of breeze blocks, faced with about half an inch of cement screed and a thin skim of plaster.

MgMopar 03-11-2005 05:02 PM

You might want to get someone in to look then. A block wall very well could be a support wall for a concrete floor. It may not be, I guessing all the walls are block, but I wouldn't want to read that you had a cement ceiling/floor come down on you! Are You in a Multi unit building. You might have someone near bye that have made similar modifications to the same construction. Info may be as close as next door?:cool:

MFPA 03-12-2005 02:15 PM

Thanks again.

I think I'd better get somebody in to look.

Most of the walls are block, the exceptions being around the airing cupboard and the shower room.

There are three flats on the ground floor and three upstairs but none has made any alterations like I'm considering.

As I said in my original post, I think this is not a main supporting wall but I really don't want the neighbours upstairs to fall into my kitchen.

MgMopar 03-12-2005 03:47 PM


I agree, There will be no easy accurate way for us to be sure it is not a supporting wall in such a forum. I to do Think it is not, just because of the type of contrution it sound like. The consideration of removing the wall can be done ether way, but if it is supporting there is a bit more design to do for the replacement support. More design then for average DIY. If you find it is not a supporting wall the removal, although not easy could be done DIY. A block wall will be messy and ALOT of work but can be DIY. I wont yet get into what you may have to do. First find out if and what you a going to do. Don't forget to get pricing what it would cost just to have it done. Get references from any contractor you may consider for the project.

Another idea since you already spoke with neighbors, and it sounds like your modification is a modern open space idea. Sometimes a lower price can be obtained if a builder or contractor can get similar type jobs on the same site. You may want to speak with the contractor to see if this is a possibly. Of course if the jobs go a little sour, you may not be a friend with neighbors anymore. Just food for thought :)

Yea, I agree you don't want the neighbors upstairs to fall in your kitchen maybe just invite them over :).
Make sure before you get to far to check with any of the necessary boards or homeowner groups. Their is no sneaking a section of - or a block built wall out!, so do your paper work.

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